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MixItMedia weaves awesome stories with extraordinary locations. We blend emerging storytelling with traditional media to create rewarding experiences.

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of artists, producers, coders, and business development specialists. We aim to leverage variance in perspectives and skills in order to create Transmedia content that is creative, ground breaking, and viable from a business perspective. MixItMedia is interested in creative outside of the box stories that blend digital with theatrical. We are also on a hunt to find new models of funding tomorrow’s interactive media content.

MixItMedia has produced a number of demo’s and prototypes of varying themes including a gamified campus scavenger hunt, RU Haunted which mixed interactive digital storytelling with live theatrics on the Ryerson University campus on Halloween day. MixItMedia is now crafting THE SECRET AGENT PUB CRAWL which is like a mix between a real world spy video game and a pub crawl. With over 400 people signed up. THE SECRET AGENT PUB CRAWL is certain to be another groundbreaking MixItMedia event.

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